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Welcome To Beit Sitti

Established in 2010 Beit Sitti came about by sisters Maria, Dina and Tania to keep their grandmothers legacy alive.

Beit Sitti literally translates to my Grandmothers House. Welcome to our grandmothers home. Book your session for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner and come learn how to prepare a four course arabic meal using seasonal vegetables picked by our local women. Then dine in our home to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Book your session in advance as we only open upon reservation


How to explain to your taxi:

Go to Luzmilla Hospital in Jabal Al-Weibdeh. Once you are infront of Luzmilla Hospital take a right “yameen” heading towards Khaled Shoman Foundation “Darat Al Funnun” take another right “yameen” and drive straight “dughree” for 300meters and you will find us on your right… see you soon!

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