Cook your own arabic meal on our balcony this summer

This weeks schedule

this weather is bringing us out on the terrace during the day and at night!! come learn how to cook a four course arabic meal at our grandmothers home and dance along to arabic beats under the summer stars…

Book today to join one of the groups below or email us on to book your own session for 30JOD per person or book a regular Dine in at 15JOD per person

 (prices above are for groups larger than 5persons)
private sessions are as follows
1person private session 100JOD
2 person private session 50JOD per person
3person private session 45JOD per person
4person private session 40JOD per person
5persons and over get the group rate of 30JOD per person
(prices are subject to 16%sales tax)

Monday 7th at 12:00pm

delcious kafta cooked in rolled grapevine leaves with tomatoes and potatoes

kafta bil wara’ + fattoush + laban ou khyar + hummus

Tuesday 8th at 5:00pm

Siniyet Kafta + Fatoush + Moutabbal + Muhalabiyeh

Wednesday 9th at 6:00pm

Shush Barak + baba ghanouj + tabbouleh +kunafeh

Thursday 10th at 7:30pm

Delicious arabic mean course ouzi surar

Ouzi Surar + Yoghurt and Cucumber salad + Baba Ghnouj + Muhalabiyeh

Friday 11th at 12:00pm

Manaqeesh Za’atar and Cheese + Falafel + Hummus + Fattet Hummus + Muhalabiyeh

Saturday 12th at 5:30pm

Maaloubeh + Moutabbal + Farmers Salad + Osmaliyeh


come to our terrace for Beit Sittis’ delicious brunch!! call in advance for reservations!!


Dina Maria and Tania Haddad










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