Winter Schedule


Here is our new menu for the week based on all of the ingredients we found!!

If you would like to join a group or make your own session please:

Monday the 4th of December at 5 pm

Maaloubeh + Moutabbal + Tabbouleh + Kunafa

Thursday the 7th of December at 12 pm

Ouzi Surar + Yogurt and Cucumber Salad + Mouttabal + Kunafa

Friday the 8th of December at 12 pm

Fattet Magdoos + Kibbeh Maaliyeh + Fattoush + Baboosa

Saturday the 9th of December at 1 pm

Mandi + Galayet Bandoora + Farmer’s Salad + Basboosa

Sunday the 10th of December at 2 pm

Mujjadara + Hummus+  Farmer’s Salad  + Osmaliyeh

Monday the 11th of December at 4 pm

Kousa Mahshy+ Farmer’s Salad + Hummus + Basboosa

Wednesday the 13th of December at 2 pm

Musakhan + Khyar Blaban + Hummus + Kunafa

Thursday the 14th of December at 4 pm

Fattet Djaj + Farmer’s Salad + Hummus + Basboosa

Friday the 15th of December at 3 pm

Kafta Bil Siniyeh + Moutabbal + Tabbouleh + Kunafa

Saturday the 16th of December at 5 pm

Moulokhiyeh + Tabbouleh + Hummus + Basboosa





Maria,Dina, and Tania

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