Winter Vegetables Month @beitsitti

The last week in January took us to Yanboot Organic Farm in Jerash & Wo”MAN” are we inspired!!!

Heres our new menu for the week based on all the ingredients we found!!

If you would like to join a group or make your own session please:

Saturday 28th of January

Breakfast 10am

Manaeesh + Moutabbal + Falafel + Mansaf + Osmaliyeh

Yes this is a special request for one of our guests!!! this almost snow day were having Mansaf for breakfast ****

Lunch 12pm

Rashoof Soup + Fattet Magdoos + Tabbouleh + Moutabal + Hummus

Dinner 6pm

Ouzi Surar + Moutabal + Laban ou Khyar + Ruz bi Haleeb

Tuesday 31st of January

Silik Malfouf + Moutabbal Shamandar + Laban ou Khyar + Basbousa



Maria and Doobie 🙂

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