A month to Celebrate Women and Mothers! we can’t help but love March!!

Celebrating our Mothers and Tetas

This is when we take a moment or two or three to show a token of appreciation to all the mothers and grandmothers of the Beit Sitti team!

First Off! our super-dooper trooper Um Reem all the way from Iraq! Um Reem is the calm that keeps Beit Sitti ashore! and like a jack of all trades theres nothing Um Reem cannot do! Keep an eye out for her Fattet Magdoos…. its one for the “Cook” books!!


come cook your fattet Magdoos with Um reem

Um Reem

Um Mahmoud,  all the way from Palestine makes a killer Musakhan, with a smile like hers, how can you not fall in-love at first sight!! she will be starting our bread and cheese making classes soon, everything um mohammad makes is from scratch, she also dresses to impress every single time

Um Mahmoud makes the best musakhan at Beit Sitti,

Um Mahmoud


Um Tia, all the way from Halab cannot let any dish leave the table without adding a little bit of her Syrian flair, weather its dried mint on tabbouleh, or kibbeh casing with lemon zest, Um Tia is a real treat!

um Tia makes the best mahashi you can think of... you want anything stuffed shes your gal! cooking at Beit Sitti

Um Tia

Um Bayan, the most genuine person we know! she just wants everyone around her to be happy; her motto in life!  theres no doubt were always happy when she’s around! her Ouzi Surar are the best in town like fluffy pillows after a long tiring day


Um Bayan Cooks at Beit Sitti

Um Bayan

Um Anas ,  new to the team Um Anas  is the sweetest! but thats not to say her Kafta isn’t the meanest!

Um Anas Cooks Kafta

Um Anas

Um Yazan all the way from Karak  brings her Jameed from her familys’ house and it is nothing short of wonderful… almost as wonderful as she is!!


Nisreen, Nisreen is the first person we see at Beit Sitti and the last person to leave… she is tough but always a pleasure to be around!!!


We know being a mom is hard work and these women do it with so much passion and flair that they manage to squeeze in a couple of sessions in between!!!

Thank you to all the mothers out there… and a special thank you goes out to our Mother Sherin Mseis Haddad who has pushes us to our limits and supports us in everything we do!! MAMA you are our “ROCK”star!!!



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