Cook outside with our lovely local ladies!!

Classes are outside now and it is a treat!! we are loving every minute of spring and so should you!!

Book today to join one of the groups below or email us on to book your own session

Sunday the 23rd at 5 pm

Maaloubeh + Muttabal + Farmer’s Salad + Rice pudding

Monday the 24th at 5 pm

Mujadara + Fattoush + Hummus + Osmaliyeh

Tuesday the 25th at 6 pm

Siniyet Kafta + Muttabal + Tabbouleh + Basboosa

Wednesday the 26th at 5 pm

Mandy + Farmer’s salad + Tangy tomato sauce + Milk pudding

Thursday the 27th at 6 pm

Fattet Magdoos + Tabbouleh + Kibbeh Ma’aliyeh + Basboosa

Friday the 28th at 6 pm

Kousa Mahshy + Courgette fritters + Rice + Osmaliyeh




Maria, Um Bayan, Um Yazan and Um Tia











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