We invite you to come cook with us any day of the week and learn how to make an arabic feast. Cooking your own homemade breakfast-lunch or dinner in our grandmothers home; in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Amman. Come meet your very own teta and let her Jordanise you. Starting with a main course, followed by a salad then a side dish and finally a dessert.

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45 Min
45 Min
World's 10 best vegetarian destinations June 2014 It's so easy to find vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Jordan where mezze dishes such as tabouleh, hummus, falafel and gourmet Arabic flatbreads abound. From Beit Sitti (it means "my grandmother's kitchen" in Arabic), located in the heart of Amman.
– CNN International
“The best way for a Jordanian mother, to show love is by how much she feeds her kids”  Maria’s personal mission is to share the love with visitors of her country by running cooking courses at Beit Sitti (House of my Grandmother) teaching Jordanians as well as tourists the best way to make flat bread, fresh lemonade and tabbouleh.
– Lonely Planet Traveler