You Guide to 15 Fun Activities in Amman

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Downtown Vegetable Market

Fun Places to Go in Amman  if you’re a foodie:

  1. When you visit Amman, take a stroll to the vegetable market downtown for some fresh produce.
  2. While you’re in downtown Amman, stop by Sara’s fish restaurant, where you pick the fish you want and they cook it for you. 
  3. The Citadel! My favorite place. They just opened up a restaurant called Dar Nemeh.
  4. I would pack up my sandwiches from Falafel Al Quds and head downtown to the roman amphitheatre for a nice picnic.
  5. Try a cooking class at Beit Sitti. I recommend making the Makloubeh menu!  
  6. Shawerma Reem for lunch then to Tamriyet Omar for dessert. Both are within walking distance from each other on the second circle. Don’t know where they are? Look for the two tiny shops with a long line of locals waiting for their food. 
  7. Wine tasting at JR, the wine experience. 
  8. Najla’s Kitchen for lunch. Call ahead to see what they are making that day. 
  9. K&K for the adventurous eater, where you will be feasting on intestines and feet..not for the faint of heart. 
  10. Shams Al Balad for a nice breakfast.
  11. Visit 3izwati if you’re feeling generous, the idea is that you buy a meal for yourself and for a person in need. It is located in a little nook in Jabal Al Weibdeh, on the stairs taking you down to Al Kalha.
  12. Auberge in downtown Amman serves the best Kafta Bil Sanieh. It used to be the first bar that opened up in Amman and you will find the biggest range of people from your local taxi driver, to the madams of Amman all having arak at the same place.
  13. Nothing beats Abu Saleh’s ‘street coffee’. Order yours sweet “hilweh”, with little sugar “a’al reeha”, no sugar “sadda’’.
  14. Tickle your fancy side at Sufra on Rainbow Street. Alternatively, you can go for Lebanese mezze style places like Fakhr el Din or Karam Beirut, both equally fantastic. A bit pricey but worth the trip, while at Karam Beirut, order Hummus Karam, Raheb Salad, Shanklish, baked Bureks, kibbeh Maaliyeh, Arayes, Tabbouleh and Fattoush. For dessert, Kishta Bil Asal, and Osmalieh. At Fakhr El Din; ask for the chicken pistachio balls, hummus, mutabal, the cheese Sfeeha (my cousin Leen’s favorite), fattoush, baba ghanouj. For dessert, Osmaliyeh, Halawet El Jibn, and of course, order mashawi at both. 
  15. Unleash your inner hippy at Rumi Café if it’s sunny, or check out Al Manara if its cold in Jabal Al Weibdeh for a nice morning coffee. 

If you’re looking for adventure and culture-oriented activities in Amman:

  1. Walk with Dania, a lawyer who guides you through Amman when she’s not lawyering. Check out Danias walking tours of downtown Amman and Jabal Al Weibdeh. She’s fantastic! Find her on Instagram @Dtour.
  2. Call Cycle Jordan to rent your bikes for a nice ride around Amman’s Dabouq area, this happens around the King Hussein Park, also lovely for nice walks inside.
  3. You can then check out the Royal Automobile Museum for most of his late Majesty King Husseins’ awesome car collection, 007 styles! 
  4. For family activities in Amman, especially if you have kids, the Childrens’ Museum is definitely something you have to visit.
  5. Walkthrough Rainbow Street and check out the cool shops. Make sure to stop for some shisha at one of the many places that serve it. 
  6. Fast Walkers Amman is great for a fun thing to do at night. 
  7. Walk the steps of the amphitheatre in downtown Amman.
  8. Stop by the side of the airport road for some lovely pottery and garden furniture before heading back home. You’ll also find great gift ideas. 
  9. Fly kites at the Citadel at sundown. 
  10. Ok! This is not in Amman, but while you’re in Jordan, I would suggest you plan it for the day, you have to!!!! Hike through one of our wadis. Don’t skip this! There are a couple of close ones to Amman, it takes around 1-2 hours to get there and 4-5 hours in total to hike. But go with a guide as you will need the equipment. 
  11. Check out the Friday market downtown – “thrift store with a flare”. Go early to snag a couple of good pieces.
  12. Carakale Brewery on the outskirts of Amman offers a fun day with friends. You can also bring your own food. (Check my recommendations on food above). 
  13. Spend a lovely day walking through Darat Al Funun and Dar Al Anda, on the same street as Beit Sitti on Mohammad Ali Al Saadi Street. 
  14. Visit the Bisharats’ Diwan Al Duke, and meet the man behind it all. 
  15. A day hike in one of our parks, Wasfi Al Tal is my favorite. Amman National Park also has some beautiful hikes. It’s worth mentioning that Wadi Al Shitta is a lovely place to go for a hike with your pets. 

Amman is the city of seven hills, and every one of its hills holds something precious. These areas include Jabal Al Weibdeh, Jabal Amman, Jabal Al Natheef, Jabal Al Akhdar, Jabal al Qala and Jabal Al Hussein, and Jabal Al Nuzha.

Each has appealing features, with coloured stairs and graffiti, but this is what I think of when I think of each of our Jabals – (hills): 

Jabal Al Weibdeh: food and art scene.

Jabal Al hussein: Luna Park, which I used to go to when I was kid, and a whole lot of shopping.

Jabal Al Akhdar: as green as can be, it’s mostly residential though.

Jabal Al Natheef: community work.

Jabal Al Qalaa: the actual citadel, also there’s a place that sells neon lights that are shaped in funky ways! Check it out! Super cool.

Jabal Amman: Rainbow Street. 

Walk down all of these Jabals and you will end up in downtown Amman 

My city is fanatic! Amman is also a big melting pot of cultures with all the refugees that came to Jordan. The street food scene knows no end with Iraqi, Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Circassian, Egyptian, Yemani, and Lebanese dishes all over the city. 

Why Having Your Team Building Activities at Beit Sitti is The Way To Go

At Beit Sitti, we work directly with you to come up with team-building activities that start with icebreakers, followed by a cooking competition and the teams get judged based on the plates they serve. Of course, they all end up sitting together for a delicious meal.

We have a bunch of set team building games that you can enjoy, starting with:

The “how well do you know your team” game. The idea behind this team building game is to give team members the incentive of earning what they need to continue and also shows them that they need to choose wants over needs to be able to compete in the marketplace

Price: 35 JOD per participant (minimum 5 guests) + 16% sales tax

Included in the price is lunch or dinner, as well as coffee and tea.

This team-building activity is based on 3 parts:

Choosing Ingredients – Earning ingredients – Cooking

Core competencies: Creativity, communication, teamwork and delegation

The team leader will be assigned the task of coordinating between the cook, judges and organizers, and the team and help delegate tasks between team members.


Teams arrive and get acquainted and ready, wash hands and have some lemonade

Beginning of #icebreaker, instructions read loudly and to team members

Company to answer questions, hence allowing Beit Sitti coordinator to facilitate the game

Game: Earning my ingredients?

  • A form is given at the beginning of the session with a list of ingredients
  • The team decides on what to prepare and are only allowed to use a number of ingredients
  • One by one, team members will be asked questions in order to earn the ingredients of the dish to be prepared
  • The team has 40 minutes to prepare the dish and present it to the judges
  • Beit Sitti is in charge of monitoring winners and giving them the ingredients

All groups to begin preparing the main course

Dishes are presented

Lunch/dinner is served

Refer to menu offerings:

Judges grade contestants based on:

  • Cleanliness
  • Organization
  • Teamwork
  • Team Leadership skills
  • Following instructions
  • Enthusiasm

And then, we announce the winning team

Followed by the “assemble your infographic” game. This is a team-building activity where you have to create your own infographic before cooking. Using your infographic board, you will discuss the steps to be used in preparing the dish and then you have to follow them step by step.

A lot of times, this game aims at showing participants that if they do not plan accordingly, they will not execute properly.

Price is 40 JOD plus 16% tax per participant and includes lunch or dinner as well.


Teams arrive and get acquainted and ready, wash their hands and have a drink

Beginning of icebreaker: Instructions read loudly and communicated to team members

Game: A board with pictures is distributed and guests have to prepare an infographic to follow the recipe

All groups to begin preparing the main course

Dishes are presented

Lunch/dinner is served

Judges grade contestants

Grades out of 5, each point deducted will be deducted from the total points gained for:

  • Cleanliness
  • Organization
  • Teamwork
  • Team Leadership skills
  • Following instructions
  • Enthusiasm


Our Third and most effective team building game is “budgeting”… how to get what I want…

This game is aimed to show you how an organization could operate in the span of 3-hours. We begin with a concept (the theme of the restaurant) followed by the menu (discussing what can be done within the organization or start-up) taking into account a hurdle in the budget. Finally, going into implementation.

Budgets allocated – action plan – ingredients collection – plan – recipe – cooking

Core competencies: Organization, planning, teamwork, decisiveness, negotiation skills


Meeting point, where teams to arrive and get acquainted and ready, have a drink and a light snack

Beginning of icebreaker, instructions communicated to the team members

Action Plan

A form is given at the beginning of the session with a list of requirements needed for the team to prepare lunch, budget for the day is handed out

The team has to prepare an action plan and delegate between team members

Teams set out to the market, on foot or using public transport- no personal cars…

Plan of action set and a menu written and designed

The team has 45 minutes to prepare the dish and present it to the judges

All groups to begin preparing the main course

Dishes are presented

Lunch/dinner is served (Menu can be discussed ahead of time)

Judges grade contestants

Grades out of 5, each point deducted will be deducted from the total points gained for:

  • Cleanliness
  • Organization
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership skills
  • Following instructions
  • Enthusiasm

Winners are announced

  1.     We have set team building games that we create based on the competencies that you’re trying to develop during your corporate retreat

 We also provide different team building activities to different organizations based on what they are trying to achieve

Let us know what your aim is, and we can create a fun team building game for you!

One game we did with Ikea was when their CEO came all the way from Sweden and we prepared a team building game for them, by giving them an Ikea Catalogue with instructions on how to assemble their own Makloubeh!

The giveaways were also made so that guests could assemble their own zatar manakeesh at home. 

Another game we did with Chain Reaction, a Digital Marketing agency, was the listening game. Instructions were read once to see if team members will be able to follow them without asking for details. This focuses on participants’ listening skills, to see if they understand a task once its given or just act and do it as they are used to.

  1.     Working as a team

When you cook together at Beit Sitti, no one is left out. Teamwork and delegation is just as important as getting the final result correctly.

  1.   The Place is booked especially for you

You have the whole place to yourself, to present whatever you need to your guests or team members. Also, we like to have a time of reflection after cooking which is very beneficial. 

  1.     You are working towards a goal

The best thing about our team building activities is that you see the final product of what you were working on right away, see it, taste it, and feel it. And you can actually get rated on it. It makes perfect sense.

  1.     You can go places by foot (vegetable market, treasure hunt)

Beit Sitti is conveniently located in Jabal Al Weibdeh which is within walking distance from a lot of places that you can walk to in downtown Amman, Paris Square, parks, and more, all of which can be included in our team building activities.

  1.     Introducing team members abroad to our culture (heritage)

If you have guests coming from abroad looking to do something exciting and meet locals, or for international organizations getting guests from abroad, this is the perfect place for your dinners or lunches, to avoid talking strictly business and just cooking together instead as well as to introduce your coworkers from abroad to our Arabic food and culture. 

  1.     Food is included

One of the most exciting things about doing team building activities at Beit Sitti is the fact that you get to reap the delicious fruits of your labor.

Tourism in Jordan: Things to Do

Firstly, starting with the fact that for such a tiny country we have such a wide range of terrains and sites that you have to visit, cross-referenced with the food you should try in every spot. 

During COVID my son was homeschooling so I decided to educate him on Jordan and He had a blast.

Here’s what we did!

Jordan Tourist Attractions

Jerash and Ajlun

Starting with the cold northern regions of Ajloun and Jerash, closer to the Syrian border, Jerash with its beautiful Roman ruins that you can’t miss is a must-see when visiting Jordan…but here’s what you also need to do when you go there:

Jerash is very close to Ajloun, so,  if you have a couple of extra hours on hand, make sure you save some time for a picnic in Ajloun or Wadi Al Rumman, where Um Mohammad runs a farm from where we get our pomegranate molasses.

I took my kids to AlMa’wa for Nature and wildlife right after the snow and they had a blast. it was right after a snowstorm and Ajloun looked lovely coated in snow, so did the entrance to Jerash

Faisal with Lions

in the spring Ajloun is lovely!! picnics at Birgish Forest and Dibeen Forest Reserve are the best thing to do starting from March until June. If you are into adventure travel, there are a lot of spots you can find that are rigged for climbers.


Another lovely place to visit in the North is Al Azraq Wetland Reserve an hour drive from Amman but worth it.

and stop on the way at one of the coffee stalls. Abu Saleh is my go-to for a proper Arabic coffee. You can ask for:

  • Sweet – “hilweh”
  • Little sugar -“3al reeha”
  • No sugar – “sada”

Here you can do some bird watching and see some fish and have a lovely picnic outdoors. go in the winter when there’s a lot of water around.

Bird watching at Azraq wetland reserveAl Azrak Reserve


Driving down the scenic road back to Amman, you have to stop in Salt. Salt used to be the capital of Jordan at some point and has the most beautiful old houses. When you are in Salt, one thing you have to eat is Mansaf. You will either love it or hate it, but if you’re going to try our local dish anywhere, Salt or Karak is where you should do it.

Azraq Wetland Reserve


Now in Amman, one thing you shouldn’t miss is going to the downtown market for some fresh vegetables. Also stopping by Tamriyet Omar on the 2nd circle and Shawerma Reem for lunch. and a drive up to the citadel to fly kites.

Tamriyet Omar

For dinner, book a delicious cooking class at Beit Sitti; one of the most prominent places in Weibdeh, either at 5pm or 7pm, or try it for lunch at 12pm or 2pm. And if you want to learn to make a proper Jordanian breakfast, make foul, falafel, fattet hummus, manakeesh zaatar, and galayet bandora with us.


Picnics in Jordan

Jordanian picnics are made up of Kebab and Shishtawook with Arabic bread hummus, mutabal and of course a gala yet Bandoora

the king of BBQs my Father! and the best place we picnic with the Family is Ghamadan park, close to Amman and totally worth the drive. The best time to go is during spring when the flowers are blooming and the greenery is all around. also it’s not too hot to handle


Moving towards Madaba. I recommend you plan your trip to make it to Madaba on Thursday during the day so that you can visit the churches and then enjoy a night of “hishek bishek” with a  belly dancer and live music at Haret Jdoudna. Try their Sajiyeh … so heavy, but oh so good. And of course if you want to sip on some alcohol, Arak is your drink for the night.

After Madaba, drive down to the Dead Sea and spend the day floating in salty waters and smear some mud on yourself, a little self-care is in order here!  

Wadis in Jordan

There are so many wadis to choose from, many of which will be on your way to the south, so on your way to Petra or Wadi rum, make sure to make a stop at one of the wadi and hike through it, some need hours and some need a day or two. You can check out the Jordan Trail for the best routes to follow. Personally, I think its always better to go with a guide, especially if you need special equipment for climbing or repelling



Petra and Wadi Rum

As for the next day, head to Petra for a full day and sleep in Wadi Rum under the stars. Ask if your camp offers a night of Zarb. (Zarb is a whole chicken or a whole lamb cooked underground for hours). It’s a melt off the bone kind of feast.

wadi rum


Driving down the next day to Aqaba here’s what I recommend. Check out Ayla for a resort destination with amazing beach clubs, delicious food and fun activities for kids and adults. Or go to Tala Bay for a real Aqaba feel with activities like snorkelling and fun water sports at the tip of your finger.


Jordan is a combination of forest; Ajloun and Jerash, city; Salt and Amman, desert; Wadi Rum and Petra, and sea; Aqaba and the Dead Sea.

With your choice of adventure travel, religious travel, culinary travel, or even medical travel, we have it all in Jordan. So, book your trip and come visit us for a memorable vacation (or even a staycation).