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عائلة بيت ستي

  • Sherin Mseis Haddad
    شرين مسيس حداد المديرة

    أول إشي خلينا انعرفكم على ماما شيري! أمّنا شرين هيه حجرالأساس و آلمرجع الرئيسي. خلاصة الموضوع، ما بمشي إشي من غير اوامر شيرين

  • Maria Haddad Hannania
    ماريا حداد حنانيا بتاع كلو

    الشيف ماريا، مختصة بكل امور الطبخ العربي و الحلويات. اكتر اكلة بتحبها هية المسخن الي بيجي موسمو مع موسم قطف زيت الزيتون ب اخر فصل الخريف

  • Tania George Haddad
    تانيا جورج حداد المصممة

    our special artist Tania studied in Switzerland and went on to pursue her love of fashion in Florence, Italy. Tania worked in Italy and New-York and is the person behind Beit Sitti’s screaming colours and awesome labels. When Tania is not working up a storm at Beit Sitti, she is most likely at her studio downstairs working on her Next Collection for “Tania George”!

  • Dina George Haddad
    دينا جورج حداد Business Development and Partner

    Our Awesome sister Dina did her undergrad in the UK and her MBA in Madrid, she worked in HR, for a long long time and became the MASTER behind our team building activities!!! If you see Dina at Beit Sitti try to speak to her in Spanish… she managed to convince us that she speaks the language, we are still skeptical. Dina also owns an awesome brand called JOA that hand makes dead sea products in awesome packages…

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