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Calling the shots! Moutabbal vs. Baba Ghanouj!

Calling the shots! Moutabbal vs. Baba Ghanouj!

The difference between Moutabbal and Baba Ghanouj!!! the age old question of Mutabbal and Baba Ghanouj has confused arabs, expats and tourists alike, we as an arab society can not seem to find a middle ground in picking a name for a dish and sticking to it!

Heres my explanation! hope it helps.. Moutabbal also pronounced mtabal is the dish always sitting next to your hummus on your table of mezza dishes, and baba Ghanouj is the one closer to a salad.

Moutabbal made of smoked aubergine, thini, lemon, garlic and yoghurt is a dip usually served with bread

Heres a quick video to show you the difference

whats the difference between mutabbal and baba ghanouj?