Ready for some (akkawi) cheese!!! Tis the season of LOVEEE !

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This weeks Schedule brings us to what Beit Sitti is all about… Love!

and yes we know we sound cheesy… but were ok with it, you wana know why???

because we’ve got our cheesy  heart shaped falfel and Cheesy heart shaped Knafeh and our heart shaped kubbeh and most importantly our “cheesy” heart shaped falafel on this weeks menu.

This week all our dishes our going to be heart shaped!! yes even our siniyet Kafta! book your session to catch the love bug! and (no we don’t mean that horrible flu thats going around! 🙂 )


Call 0777557744 to start your own group or to join one of the upcoming sessions and cozy up next to our fireplace with your loved ones.


Maria, Dina and Tania

Wednesday 8th of Feb Dinner at 5:00pm

Thursday 9th of Feb Dinner at 5:00pm

Friday 10th of Feb Lunch time at 1:00pm

Sunday 12th of Feb Dinner at 5:00pm

Monday 13th of Feb lunch at 12:00pm

Tuesday 14th of Feb Lunch and dinner



Cook your own arabic meal at Beit Sitti

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Beit Sitti literally translated means my grandmothers home, We invite you to come cook with us any day of the week and learn how to make an arabic feast. Cooking your own homemade breakfast-lunch or dinner in our grandmothers home; in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Amman. Come meet your very own teta and let her Jordanise you. Starting with a main course, followed by a salad then a side dish and finally a dessert.

Started by three sisters this initiative aims to explain to tourists and locals how to eat arabic food, starting with what ingredients are needed in arabic food, to what to order for breakfast, lunch and dinner

” I love knowing what to eat when I travel places” Maria says and a lot of times its hard to know what locals have for breakfast, yes you might find it in street stalls or around the corner with lines of people waiting to reach it reaching around the corner. Yet it is difficult to understand how to order it and how to eat it.

At beit sitti we explain to guests what to have for breakfast when they are in Amman, what to ask for when getting their falafel fill, or how to pair their shawarma sandwich, or just getting the right Kaak and enjoying it with a month tea,

in addition to teaching people about ho two eat and pair the food in Jordan, We also tell you what restaurants to check out and what tourist traps to avoid.

Since a lot of our classes are made up of a combination of tourists and locals its nice to be able to talk to a local firsthand to get a glimpse of what Amman and Jordan in General has to offer for locals.

as a matter of face we had a couple who came to beit sitti from two different groups and got married. we found out because their main course was Maaloubeh at the wedding,

Gransmas food always tastes good, not just because of the time aged recipe, its because grandmas know whats up when it comes to picking ingredients. at Beit Sitti we offer homemade spice blends and pantry items that you can take home With you, or buy online.

our range of Zatar, pomegranate molasses, date molasses, homemade tahini, olive oil, orange blossom and sumac, mixed spice and beit sitti stock mix, are all made by locals who do not use preservatives and some are even organic. Although we admit this is not our main concern

lastly in addition to beit sitti offering delicious recipes, pantry products and a kick ass view of the citadel and downtown Amman. We are happy to say that we are an initiative thats all about women empowerment

our team made up of all women are strong efficient and not to mention kick ass hosts.

call us to book your session! we offer breakfast lunch or dinner sessions

breakfast 10am

Lunch 12 or 2pm

dinner 5 or 7pm

prices are 35JOD per person including tax if you are a group larger than 5

if not you will have to either check our website for upcoming classes to join or book privately

1 person 100JD

2persons 50jds each

3persons 45jds each

4persons 40JDs each

5 or more 30JODs per person

prices are all subject to 16% sales tax

see you soon



Mother’s day at Beit Sitti

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First and Foremost we start with Um Azmi!! a beautiful soul inside out!!! her lack of filter is one thing that keeps us entertained!! another is her famous Maftoul made from scratch with water and flour!!


Followed by our super-dooper trooper Um Reem all the way from Iraq! Um Reem is the calm that keeps Beit Sitti ashore! and like a jack of all trades theres nothing Um Reem cannot do! Keep an eye out for her Fattet Magdoos…. its one for the “Cook” books!!


Um Heba, has been with us through thick and thin!! with a smile like hers, how can you not fall inlove at first sight!! Um Hebas Hurra Usba3o is a feast and a half but thats not all!! she makes a killer Maaloubeh too!


Um Mihnaz, all the way from Halab cannot let any dish leave the table without adding a little bit of her Syrian flair, weather its dried mint on tabbouleh, or kibbeh casing with lemon zest, Um Mihnaz is a real treat!


Um Bayan, the most genuine person we know! she just wants everyone around her to be happy; her motto in life! “mabsota??” theres no doubt were always happy when she’s around! her Ouzi Surar are the best in town like fluffy pillows after a long tiring day


Um Victor,  new to the team Um Victor is the sweetest! but thats not to say her Kafta isn’t the meanest! Um Victor used to live above Beit Sitti and everytime she started cooking we couldnt help but stop by for a bite or two!


Um Yazan all the way from Karak  brings her Jameed from her familys’ house and it is nothing short of wonderful… almost as wonderful as she is!!

We know being a mom is hard work and these women do it with so much passion and flare that they manage to squeeze in a couple of sessions in between!!!

Thank you to all the mothers out there… and a special thank you goes out to our Mother Sherin Mseis Haddad who has pushes us to our limits and supports us in everything we do!! MAMA you are our “ROCK”star!!!