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Discover the Foodie Paradise of Amman – A Guide to Fun Places for Food Lovers

A Guide to Fun Places for Food Lovers: Visit the vegetable market downtown for fresh produce, try the freshly cooked fish at Sara’s, dine at Dar Nemeh at the Citadel, have a picnic at the Roman Amphitheatre with sandwiches from Falafel Al Quds, take a cooking class at Beit Sitti, have Shawerma Reem for lunch and Tamriyet Omar for dessert, go wine tasting at JR, enjoy a meal at Najla’s Kitchen or try the adventurous cuisine at K&K, have breakfast at Shams Al Balad, dine with a purpose at 3izwati, try the Kafta Bil Sanieh at Auberge, have Abu Saleh’s sweet “hilweh” coffee, enjoy Lebanese mezze at Fakhr el Din or Karam Beirut, visit Rumi Café or Al Manara for a hippy vibe, go on a walking tour with Dania or rent bikes from Cycle Jordan, visit the Royal Automobile Museum, Children’s Museum, Rainbow Street and Fast Walkers Amman, walk the amphitheatre steps, shop for pottery and gifts by the airport road, fly kites at the Citadel, hike in a wadi with a guide, shop at the Friday market and have a fun day at Carakale Brewery.