Cook your own arabic meal in our Grandma’s cozy house this winter

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Our winter menu and prices

Book  your own session for 30JOD per person

 (prices above are for groups larger than 5persons)
private sessions are as follows
1person private session 100JOD
2 person private session 50JOD per person
3person private session 45JOD per person
4person private session 40JOD per person
5persons and over get the group rate of 30JOD per person
(prices are subject to 16%sales tax)

Menu Options 

Kousa Mahshy + Tabbouleh + Courgette Fritters + Osmaliyeh


Fattet Magdoos + Kibbeh Maaliyeh + Fattoush + Baboosa


Fattet Djaj + Farmer’s Salad + Hummus + Basboosa

Moulokhiyeh + Tabbouleh + Hummus + Basboosa


Maaloubeh + Moutabbal + Tabbouleh + Kunafa


Freekeh oo Djaj + Galayet Bandoora + Moutabal + Basboosa


Ouzi Surar + Yogurt and Cucumber Salad + Mouttabal + Kunafa


Mansaf+ Hummus + Fattoush + Osmaliyeh


Mandi + Galayet Bandoora + Farmer’s Salad + Basboosa


kousa mahshi Sheikh Al Mahshi
Kousa Mahshy + Tabbouleh + Moutabal + Kunafa


Maria, Dina and Tania













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