They say you have a King's breakfast, a Prince's lunch and a Poor-man's dinner. At Beit Sitti it’s a King's breakfast, lunch and dinner for all. Our Menu ranges based on seasonality of vegetables in the market & every main course comes with its side dish, salad and dessert.

Baby its cold outside

Warm up to some Musakhan, lentil soup, yoghurt and cucumber salad, and Um Ali in the winter months. Get your onions peeled, chopped and caramalized for a truly traditional Palestinian dish!

Say no to Meat or Chicken

Treat yourself to a delicious lentil, rice and caramelized onion dish to tantalize all your senses, served with a side of tangy Farmers Salad, smoky baba ghanouj and osmaliyeh for dessert (Ush el [...]

For When Your Hungry

The king of all menus Maaloubeh offered with meat/chicken or vegetarian, is prepared with a lot of spices to give you the ultimate home cooked arabic meal. Served with farmers salad, [...]

Slow cook my Kafta!

Whether it be with tahini or tomatoe sauce SiniyetKafta is a winner on every occasion. Meat, with parsley onion and garlic soaked in a tahini or toamtoe sauce and eaten with homemade bread tastes [...]

Smoke on Rice!

Tanias’ dish of choice, is bought to you all the way from Yemen, usually cooked underground this dish of Basmati Rice served with chicken and topped with raisins, almonds and pine-nuts is served [...]

Ready to cook your meal ??

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