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Autumn at Beit Sitti is Awesome!

Join us for our final outdoor sessions cook with us and enjoy the view

If you would like to join a group please: • Call us on 0777557744


November the 15th at 6 pm

Mujadara + Baba Ghanouj + Fattoush + Osmaliyeh

IMG_2901mjadara_web copy


November the 16th at 6pm

Mulukiyeh + Rice + Baba Ghanouj + Basboosa

IMG_2174mulukhieh2_web copy


November the 19th at 6pm

Ouzi + Yogurt with cucumber+ Tabbouleh + Basbousa



November the 20th at 6pm

Sinneyet Kafta + Hummus + Rice Pudding

IMG_2395keftab'tahini_web copy


November the 21th at 10 am

Mandi + Galayet Bandoora + Fattoush + Um Ali

IMG_2000mendiveg_web copy


November the 25th at 5 pm

Kousa Mahshy + Mutabbal + Farmer’s Salad + Osmaliyeh

IMG_2701kousamahshi_web copy


November the 26th at  5pm

Maaloubeh+ Hummus + Farmer’s Salad + Muhalabiyeh


IMG_2708maghloobehauberg_web copy

November the 28th at 6pm

Freakeh ou djaj + Galayet Bandoora + Tabbouleh + Basbousa



Get your light jackets! It gets chilly at night


Tania, Maria and Dina Haddad

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