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Autumn at Beit Sitti is Awesome!

If you like good vibes then you’ve come to the right place!

If you would like to join a group or make your own session please:



Friday, 2nd of December at 12 pm

Mandi + Galayet Bandoora + Fattoush + Um Ali

IMG_2000mendiveg_web copy

Saturday, 3rd of December at 12 pm

Maaloubeh+ Hummus + Farmer’s Salad + Muhalabiyeh


IMG_2708maghloobehauberg_web copy

Saturday, 3rd of December at 6 pm

Sinneyet Kafta + Hummus + Rice PuddingIMG_2395keftab'tahini_web copy

Sunday, 4th of December at 13:30 pm

Ouzi + Yogurt with cucumber+ Tabbouleh + Basbousa




Tania, Maria and Dina Haddad

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