Out with the old and in with the new Schedule!

Join us for the first week of 2017  to celebrate the first week of a new and fresh start!

If you like good vibes then you’ve come to the right place!

If you would like to join a group or make your own session please:

Sunday the 8th of January, 5 pm

Mujadara + Tabbouleh + Muttabal + Basbousa

Monday the 9th of January, 5 pm

*Maaloubeh + Farmers Salad + Mouttabal + Osmaliyeh

Tuesday the 10th of January, 5 pm

*Mandi + Galayet Bandoora + Fattoush + Um Ali

Wednesday the 11th of January, 3 pm

*Freakeh ou jaj + Galayet Bandoora + Muttabal + Muhalabiyeh

Thursday the 12th of January, 6 pm

Siniyet Kafta + Tabbouleh + Hummus + Rice Pudding

Friday the 13th of January, 6 pm

Fattet Magdoos + Tabbouleh + Kibbeh Ma’aliyeh + Osmaliyeh

Saturday the 14th of January, 12 pm

Kousa Mahshy + Courgette fritters + Rice + Osmaliyeh


Tania, Maria and Dina Haddad

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