Pre-Newyears warmup Schedule!

 In Weekly Schedule

Join us for the last week of 2016 to bond over the last year before kicking off the new year!

If you like good vibes then you’ve come to the right place!

If you would like to join a group or make your own session please:


Tuesday the 27th of December at 6 pm

Ouzi + Baba Ghanouj + Cucumber yogurt salad + Rice pudding

Wednesday the 28th of December at 1 pm

*Sinneyet Kafta + Hummus + Fattoush + Basboosa


Wednesday the 28th of December at 6 pm

Musakhan +Hummus + Kibbeh Maaliyeh + Basboosa

Thursday the  29th of December at 5 pm

*Maaloubeh + Mouttabal + Farmer’s Salad + Muhalabiyeh

Friday the 30th of December at 5 pm

*Kousa Mahshy + Tabbouleh + Kibbeh Maaliyeh + Milk pudding

















Tania, Maria and Dina Haddad

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