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Prep Time

12hours min

Cook Time

10 min


Foul or fool is a breakfast dish that. is eaten with bread , topped. with olive oil. and tahini, similar to hummus it is made of beans, dried fava beans soaked overnight and cooked on a low heat until tender


  1. Open a can of fava beans rinse with water and then heat on a stove top  (you can soak dried fava beans overnight then boil for 2 hours until fully cooked)
  2. In a mortar mash some garlic with salt and then add the juice of one lemon,
  3. After the fava beans are cooked, add them to the mortar and mash
  4. Then add tahnin and olive oil
  5. Dress with chopped vegetables such as tomatoes and green onions and eat it with pita bread. Enjoy,


  1. Can fava beans
  2. 1 large lemon juiced
  3. 4 tspn olive oil
  4. 1 tspn salt
  5. 2 tbspns tahini
  6. 1 garlic