This is our schedule for the week of November 16th,2015 till November 24th, 2015

If you would like to join a group please call us on 0777557744 or send us a facebook message to book your spot! otherwise call us to arrange your own private session! see you soon!


Tuesday 16th of November ,2015 at 5:00pm Dinner


IMG_1986addisdjaj_webA very healthy dish made with green wheat, and chicken, served with a side of galayet bandoora, yoghurt, hummus/muttabal





Wednesday 17th of November ,2015 at 5:00pm DinnerIMG_2699fattatmagdoos_web copy

One of Maria’s favorites a layer of crunchy bread
topped with, eggplant and tomatoes or Chicken and rice and covered with a cold yoghurt. This dish is usually served with tabbouleh, kibbehma’aliyeh and Osmaliye



Wednesday 18th of November ,2015 at 10:00am Breakfast

Enjoy a full IMG_2795falafel_web copytraditional Arabic breakfast made up of Falafel/Maanessh/Fattet Hummus/ and Muhalabiyeh along with a sweet mint tea to awaken your senses


Thursday 19th of November,2015 at 5:00pm Dinner 

The king of all menus Maaloubeh offered with IMG_2708maghloobehauberg_web copymeat/chicken or vegetarian, is prepared with a lot of spices to give you the ultimate home cooked arabic meal. Served with farmers salad, hummus/mutabbal and Osmaliyeh, your feast awaits you!

Friday 20th of November,2015 at 12:00pm Lunch 

Spiced rice, meat, peas and carrots stuffed in a filo dough and served with yogurt and cucmberIMG_3037ricefilledpastry_websalad, hummus/mutabbal and milk pudding


Saturday 21st of November,2015 at 5:00pm Dinner

In Arabic culture we are big fans of stuffing, this dish teaches IMG_2701kousamahshi_web copy

you how to prepare stuffed courgettes cooked in either a youghurt sauce or tomatoe sauce, served
with courgette fritters, rice and osmaliyeh for dessert


Sunday 22nd of November,2015 at 5:00pm Dinner

Tanias’ dish of choice, is bought to you all the way from Yemen, usually cooked underground this dish of Basmati Rice served with chicken and topped with raisins, almonds and pine-nuts is served with our famous farmers salad, tangy tomato sauce and milk pudding

Monday 23rd of November,2015 at 5:00pm 

IMG_2718fattatdjaj_web copyA layer of crunchy bread topped with, Chicken and rice and covered with a cold yoghurt. This dish is usually served with tabbouleh, kibbehma’aliyeh and Osmaliyeh

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