“A wonderful intro to delicious Arabic cuisine!”

As an American chef I was very excited to explore Arabic cuisine quite simply because there is not much of this type of food available in the states. I’d like to start by saying Maria(and her sisters) was an exceptional host and was very knowledgable. The rooftop setting hosts a breath taking view of the city and is well suited for an authentic experience. My experience with Maria as we prepared lunch left an incredible impression on me which helps me to remember why I fell in love with the culinary arts. Arabic cuisine is a beautiful reminder that with a few good quality ingredients, you can make something exquisite and full of flavor. Beit Sitti skyrocketed through my every expectation and left me hungry for more. I think it’s important for one to completely immerse themselves in any culture different from their own when traveling to a new part of the world. One of the best ways to do this is by exploring the local cuisine and try as much as possible. Taking a class at Beit Sitti is an incredible introduction to learning about Arabic food and culture. I would highly recommend attending a course and cannot wait to implement these recipes into my cooking so people here in the States can taste the love of Middle Eastern food. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!!!