“Friendly, cozy and a great way to experience a traditional meal!”

This is a must-try for all visitors to Amman. Beit Sitti is set in a traditional house in one of the city’s lovely older neighbourhoods. The cosy kitchen/dining room setting is gorgeous and you are made to feel at home immediately. Everyone gets an apron and a chopping board and you make a traditional salad, starter, main and dessert. It a great way to learn some basic Arabic dishes, which you all sit down to eat afterwards. I’ve been three times and made different dishes, and all were great. They do not serve alcoholic drinks but you are welcome to bring your own. I would recommend this for a group up to about 10 people, as I have been with a larger sized group and it can get a bit crammed and unfocused. During the summer they shift the experience outside to the spacious terrace.