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Tourism in Jordan: Things to Do

Firstly, starting with the fact that for such a tiny country we have such a wide range of terrains and sites that you have to visit, cross-referenced with the food you should try in every spot. 

During COVID my son was homeschooling so I decided to educate him on Jordan and He had a blast.

Here’s what we did!

Jordan Tourist Attractions

Jerash and Ajlun

Starting with the cold northern regions of Ajloun and Jerash, closer to the Syrian border, Jerash with its beautiful Roman ruins that you can’t miss is a must-see when visiting Jordan…but here’s what you also need to do when you go there:

Jerash is very close to Ajloun, so,  if you have a couple of extra hours on hand, make sure you save some time for a picnic in Ajloun or Wadi Al Rumman, where Um Mohammad runs a farm from where we get our pomegranate molasses.

I took my kids to AlMa’wa for Nature and wildlife right after the snow and they had a blast. it was right after a snowstorm and Ajloun looked lovely coated in snow, so did the entrance to Jerash

Faisal with Lions

in the spring Ajloun is lovely!! picnics at Birgish Forest and Dibeen Forest Reserve are the best thing to do starting from March until June. If you are into adventure travel, there are a lot of spots you can find that are rigged for climbers.


Another lovely place to visit in the North is Al Azraq Wetland Reserve an hour drive from Amman but worth it.

and stop on the way at one of the coffee stalls. Abu Saleh is my go-to for a proper Arabic coffee. You can ask for:

  • Sweet – “hilweh”
  • Little sugar -“3al reeha”
  • No sugar – “sada”

Here you can do some bird watching and see some fish and have a lovely picnic outdoors. go in the winter when there’s a lot of water around.

Bird watching at Azraq wetland reserveAl Azrak Reserve


Driving down the scenic road back to Amman, you have to stop in Salt. Salt used to be the capital of Jordan at some point and has the most beautiful old houses. When you are in Salt, one thing you have to eat is Mansaf. You will either love it or hate it, but if you’re going to try our local dish anywhere, Salt or Karak is where you should do it.

Azraq Wetland Reserve


Now in Amman, one thing you shouldn’t miss is going to the downtown market for some fresh vegetables. Also stopping by Tamriyet Omar on the 2nd circle and Shawerma Reem for lunch. and a drive up to the citadel to fly kites.

Tamriyet Omar

For dinner, book a delicious cooking class at Beit Sitti; one of the most prominent places in Weibdeh, either at 5pm or 7pm, or try it for lunch at 12pm or 2pm. And if you want to learn to make a proper Jordanian breakfast, make foul, falafel, fattet hummus, manakeesh zaatar, and galayet bandora with us.


Picnics in Jordan

Jordanian picnics are made up of Kebab and Shishtawook with Arabic bread hummus, mutabal and of course a gala yet Bandoora

the king of BBQs my Father! and the best place we picnic with the Family is Ghamadan park, close to Amman and totally worth the drive. The best time to go is during spring when the flowers are blooming and the greenery is all around. also it’s not too hot to handle


Moving towards Madaba. I recommend you plan your trip to make it to Madaba on Thursday during the day so that you can visit the churches and then enjoy a night of “hishek bishek” with a  belly dancer and live music at Haret Jdoudna. Try their Sajiyeh … so heavy, but oh so good. And of course if you want to sip on some alcohol, Arak is your drink for the night.

After Madaba, drive down to the Dead Sea and spend the day floating in salty waters and smear some mud on yourself, a little self-care is in order here!  

Wadis in Jordan

There are so many wadis to choose from, many of which will be on your way to the south, so on your way to Petra or Wadi rum, make sure to make a stop at one of the wadi and hike through it, some need hours and some need a day or two. You can check out the Jordan Trail for the best routes to follow. Personally, I think its always better to go with a guide, especially if you need special equipment for climbing or repelling



Petra and Wadi Rum

As for the next day, head to Petra for a full day and sleep in Wadi Rum under the stars. Ask if your camp offers a night of Zarb. (Zarb is a whole chicken or a whole lamb cooked underground for hours). It’s a melt off the bone kind of feast.

wadi rum


Driving down the next day to Aqaba here’s what I recommend. Check out Ayla for a resort destination with amazing beach clubs, delicious food and fun activities for kids and adults. Or go to Tala Bay for a real Aqaba feel with activities like snorkelling and fun water sports at the tip of your finger.


Jordan is a combination of forest; Ajloun and Jerash, city; Salt and Amman, desert; Wadi Rum and Petra, and sea; Aqaba and the Dead Sea.

With your choice of adventure travel, religious travel, culinary travel, or even medical travel, we have it all in Jordan. So, book your trip and come visit us for a memorable vacation (or even a staycation).